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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 222 – Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts Volume 5

With our discussion of the new film, The Witch, where we spoke a good amount on it and the reaction of viewers, the remainder of our discussion focused on a whole lot of things which has now been broken out as its own episode. The fifth of the rare Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts episodes is here.

Your co-hosts go on about a number of interesting topics. We happen to discuss a bit about the 10 Cloverfield Lane title and its relationship (or maybe not so much of a relationship) with the original Cloverfield film and how Hollywood decides to make trailers and advertise. The new Ghostbuster reboot trailer is here and we discuss that. Also we discuss the Oscars, how two genre legends were memorialized (Wes Craven and Leonard Nimoy), and how many genre films (or films with genre roots) won awards including The Revenant, Room, The Hateful Eight, Mad Max, and Ex Machina.

Lastly there’s an interview with director, screenwriter, and animator Michael Neel who is behind such cult flicks as Drive-In Horror Show and Infinite Santa 8000. He talks about his new projects including a whole web series related to the Infinite Santa post-apocalyptic universe. Also, there’s a new Terror Tantrum review by Patrick Lacey where he discusses the Scream Factory blu-ray release, Curse and Curse 2. Call this episode a bonus episode since our review of The Witch and 10 Clovefield Lane are all but upon us.

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