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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 220 – Some Kind of Hate (2015)

Teen angst, one of the most vivid plots for any media, whether book or film. With it comes so many emotions: anger, fear, melancholy, confusion … but also love, faith, and hope. The new film, Some Kind of Hate, takes its shot with the subject of adolescence and all the whirlwind passion that goes along with it. A ghost story at its heart, the film is much more. Its in ways a tale of anger and fear, its evolution towards hate, until a form of deliverance may give relief to the protagonists while leaving a trail of savagery and demolition.

Taking place in the southwestern USA, young adolescent teenagers try to create some sort of existence within their reform school. When the bottom drops out for them in normal society, each finds themselves as exiled. Lincoln, a young brooding teenager, may be surrounded by others like him, yet still feels like an outsider. A beautiful troubled girl, Kaitlin, befriends him which may be the first good thing to happen to him in years. However, when one of the reform school bullies is found dead, folks begin to wonder if his suicide was actually something more sinister.

Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer and co-written with Brian DeLeeuw, Some Kind of Hate includes a cast of mostly unknowns. Yet, one could say that a few of the performers could be future breakout candidates. Co-host Philip specifically pointed out Grace Phipps who played Kaitlin within podcast Episode 213 as someone to watch. Dark Discussions Podcast called the film the 14th best horror film of 2015. Listen to your co-hosts give their thoughts to the film.

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