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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 198 – Joel Edgerton Focus: 2015’s The Gift

Who’s Joel Edgerton? Well, he’s someone you should get to know. To genre fans, he’s probably known mostly as the male lead in The Thing prequel. But since then he’s done parts in Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby. Back in his home nation of Australia, one of his most brilliant roles was in the 2008 Jon Hewitt film, Acolytes, where he plays a serial killer (Dark Discussions did an episode on this movie). Recently he wrote and starred in the well received police thriller Felony. Now he directs, writes, and stars in the new movie, The Gift.

When Simon and Robyn Callen move to California, Gordon Mosley bumps into them in a store. The two men had gone to school years earlier and a pleasant exchange occurs. Later a bottle of wine is left on their doorstep with a note from Gordon with pleasantries about their new house and life. Soon Simon begins to wonder if Gordon’s kindness is something more. Soon suspicions arise and secrets from our three leads begin to make their appearance. And in all cases, those secrets were better off hidden.

Dark Discussions discusses this new thriller by someone who many think may be an up and coming star. Though co-host Eric states, “this is Joel Edgerton’s baby”, the film also stars Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall as the married couple who’s life turned upside down. Strong performances all around, the movie may be this year’s sleeper hit. Listen to what your co-hosts think.

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