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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 195 – Creep (2015)

Peachfuzz? Come again, what did you say? Well, that’s something you’ll find out in the new first person cinéma vérité horror film by newcomer Patrick Brice who directed the film, starred in it, and co-wrote it with the other star in the film, Mark Duplass. The film is simply entitled Creep and yet originally was once titled Peachfuzz. Either way, both are fairly vague which is the best way to go into this film.

Aaron, who has responded to an advertisement for someone with a video camera and a day of availability, heads off to meet up with Josef. The job is for $1,000 and seems like a pretty good gig for a day’s work. But what the work is, Aaron has no idea. Fortunately for him, Josef, though a bit eccentric, seems like an affable guy with a wonderful idea for what we find out is a heartbreaking situation. And so the story begins.

Originally the film made the festival circuits including the prestigious SXSF convention in Austin, Texas. Besides starring and co-written by Mark Duplass, generally a fan favorite, the film’s audience reaction caused it to get a lot of buzz. Blumhouse Productions picked it up and by mid-2015, the film was released to VOD everywhere. Dark Discussions talks about the film and all the mystery behind Peachfuzz.

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