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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 191 – Kevin Bacon Focus: 1999’s Stir of Echoes

Richard Matheson was one of the most famous horror writers of the twentieth century. Though he passed away only a few years ago, he continued to leave his mark to the very end. Authors like Stephen King praised him as one of his greatest influences of the scary novel and many of his tales have been made into movies and television shows. His 1958 novel, A Stir of Echoes, was in many ways a predecessor to such stories as The Sixth Sense, The Changeling, and The Others, in plot but also turning the ghost story into more of a mystery than a horror tale.

In 1999, the book was turned into a movie starring the always reliable Kevin Bacon in one of his best dramatic roles. The film, though not as successful as its contemporary film, The Sixth Sense, was considered a well crafted movie and worth its critical praise. Roger Ebert even called it a commentary on the rot and decay of the modern neighborhood, where secrets lie hidden behind a bogus exterior.

Co-host Eric has been championing the film for sometime and had even suggested it as a possible topic for the podcast a few years back. With a consensus by his co-hosts, the crew decided to take a look at this somewhat forgotten gem and give it another life. Now sixteen years old, the film seems to still have give the chills that audiences saw at its original premiere.

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