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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 626 – INFESTED (2024)

Bugs, creepy crawlies, and spiders have always been a human fear.  As a result they have made appearances in so many films to scare the heck out of folks.  From Shelob in THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2002-2003) to the large spiders from the 2007 film, THE MIST, spiders are alive and well in film.  The new French film, INFESTED (2024), has joined the “web”.

When a young collector of insects and exotic animals purchases a spider from the Paris black market, he brings it back to his apartment building.  Not knowing what type of spider, he becomes careless and the creature escapes.  Soon it multiplies, using mammals and people as hosts, resulting in an infestation that will kill them all.

The movie has received excellent reviews.  The movie most recently made its debut to the Shudder streaming service where it received a lot of attention.  Does the film live up to the word of mouth that has followed it?  Your co-hosts take a look at the film to give their thoughts.

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