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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 614 – SOMEWHERE QUIET (2024)

The unreliable narrator trope is a common theme in many films.  The new horror film, SOMEWHERE QUIET (2024), is a film written and directed Olivia West Lloyd where she wanted to make the film after the “final girl” survives.  What would her life be like after escaping or being rescued. 

Meg (Jennifer Kim) and her husband Scott (Kentucker Audley) head out to his wealthy families Cape Cod compound in Massachusetts.  Kim has just survived a kidnapping attempt and is suffering from stress and PTSD.  A time away from the rest of the world may be good for her.  While there, Kim meets Scott’s first cousin, Madelin (Marin Ireland), and the three begin to spend a lot of time together.  As time goes by, Kim begins to have memories, nightmares, and flashbacks that begin to affect her sanity.

The Cluster A personality can cause one’s mind to see things that don’t exist and believe things that aren’t happening.  The movie takes a look at such a person and what they “feel” around their surroundings.  Co-star Marin Ireland gives an amazing performance as the eccentric cousin.  Receiving great reviews by a handful of critics but negative reviews from audiences, the crew on the podcast take a look at the movie and give their thoughts.

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