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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 605 – FIRST CONTACT (2023)

The Grey aliens have affectively been some of the most frightening monsters in both folklore and film. But unfortunately, for high quality movies in the subgenre, not many stand out. A new film with the title FIRST CONTACT (2023) seemed to be a new entry into the alien monster movie. But when one watches it, the story turns into Cosmic horror too.

When Dr. Ian Bradach (Paul Kandarian) discovers something strange about his property, he does some experiments. Soon he disappears and is presumed dead. When his adult children Casey (Anna Shields) and Dan (James Liddell) come to reclaim his estate, they discover that his studies may have lead to something more; a space-time continuum, and an exact point in time for first contact.

The movie was written and directed by Bruce Wemple. Though only a ninety minute film, the plot examines many lofty topics including dark matter, eldritch horror, nihilism, relativism, and quantum physics. Is an average length film able to give credence to all that it is trying to get across? You co-hosts take a look at the movie and give their thoughts.

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