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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 602 – WHEN EVIL LURKS (2023)

In 2017, the Argentina horror film TERRIFIED (2017) was a hidden gem that turned into a surprised hit when it appeared on the streaming service Shudder.  The director was Demian Rugna and now in 2023 he has a new film entitled WHEN EVIL LURKS (2023).  The movie played at the film festival TIFF and has received splendid reviews.  IFC picked up the film and released it through the theaters before it, too, made it to Shudder.

In a world not far in the future, “rottens” have begun popping up.  Demons, or some sort of outer being, possesses people who begin to bloat and become deformed.  However, one must exorcise them otherwise the evil will spread where folks begin to kill each other or do horrible harm to others.  Two brothers, Pedro and Jaime, are stuck in the middle of a new “outbreak” and must figure how to save their families.

The movie has received fairly good reviews.  Filled with gore and over the top set pieces, some believe the film could become destined to be a cult classic.  The audience is dropped into the middle of this world unaware that things are “different”.  Does it work?  Your co-hosts take a look at this new film and give their thoughts.

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