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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 601 – HANDS OF HELL (2023)

Sometimes for independent cinema, people are forced to take up many roles to get a film made.  Sometimes they are so devoted to the movie, they include themselves in more roles than one specific job because the story has been an idea they’ve had for some time and they are completely invested in the project.  Gianna Lutz, the woman behind the new horror film, HANDS OF HELL (2023), not only stars in the film, but also wrote the screenplay and co-directed the work.  As of September 2023, the movie has been available everywhere on VOD to watch.

Two serial killers, Bianca (Gianna Lutz) and Zeke (Adam Kitchen), have escaped from the mental institution they have been reprimanded to.  As a group of vacationers arrive at a remote retreat, the killers have taken over the facility from the owners and have turned the quiet resort into their headquarters to once again begin their murderous ways.

Not only is the movie a show piece for the talents of Gianna Lutz, but it is also another addition to female roles behind the camera.  The movie takes place in Texas not far from the Louisiana border, and brings the cluster b personality once more to the forefront of a non-supernatural horror film.  The co-hosts of the podcast take a look at this newly released movie and give their thoughts.

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