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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 596 – INFLUENCER (2023)

Social media influencers have taken over the internet.  And in many cases, they can make a career out of it or get a jump in their own careers.  For example, Justin Bieber became a star because of it, and directors Jon Watts and Fede Alvarez who were discovered on social media.  If one searches Instagram, you can find all sorts of influencers including scantily clad models, all the way to travel vloggers.  The new Canadian film, INFLUENCER, now on Shudder, shows such a scenario but now in a horror film.

Madison (Emily Tennant), a travel vlogger, model, and advertiser is in Thailand.  Her personal life is a wreck, and she doesn’t much seem into her now fulltime job promoting herself, her sponsors, and the vacation spots she journeys to.  When she unexpectingly is forced to extend her trip, she meets another young woman, CW (Cassandra Naud), that will show her around.  Soon something unexpected happens that may endanger her life.

The film is directed by Kurtis David Hardner and co-written by him and Tesh Guttikonda.  Besides Emily Tennant and Cassandra Naud, Sara Canning and Rory J. Saper star as well.  Receiving fairly good reviews, the movie focuses on some modern themes like the internet and the small world we live in.  Your co-hosts take a look at this interesting film and give their thoughts.

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