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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 587 – THE INNOCENTS (2022)

Killer children has been a staple in horror films since cinema began.  Also, telepathy and other mental powers has been a common trope too in movie history.  The latest supernatural thriller from Norway entitled THE INNOCENTS (2022) joins both these horror subgenres together and gives a new spin on the malevolence of a young unformed mind with powers they cannot control.

From Wikipedia:  “Lonely young girl Ida and her older sister Anna have moved into an apartment with their parents. Anna suffers from nonverbal autism, Ida having to take responsibility for her. One day Ida meets Ben and the two strike up a friendship. Strange things begin to happen after the two explore the apartment complex’s basement. Somehow Anna seems to be able to form a spiritual connection with another girl named Aisha who lives nearby. Soon Anna begins to speak again.”

Starring a very young cast from Norway, the film was directed and written by Eskil Vogt, who gained some notice for his debut film THELMA from 2017.  THE INNOCENTS has been reviewed by over a hundred English language critics who have generally given it a very positive review.  Your co-hosts take a look at this film and give their critique.

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