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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 583 – DEEP RISING (1998)

On June 12th, 2023, actor Treat Williams passed away in Vermont in a motorcycle accident.  He had been a Hollywood mainstay having been a supporting actor in many big budget films.  At times he was a leading man as well, and in 1998 he starred in the horror film DEEP RISING.  Dark Discussions has decided to pay tribute to his life by reviewing the film.

Captain John Finnegan (Treat Williams) leads a crew that takes on whatever job is needed.  When a group of mercenaries hire him, he founds out that their target is an ocean liner.  On the cruise ship, Trillian (Famke Janssen), a guest on the boat, is arrested by the crew for pickpocketing.  When a mysterious creature attacks the ocean liner, Trillian, a handful of survivors, and the mercenaries try their best to survive.

DEEP RISING, though a critical flop, has gained a large cult following over the years.  Written and directed by the prolific Stephen Sommers, the movie was an opportunity to allow Williams and Janssen a chance to become A-list starts.  Though their careers didn’t advance as much as some thought, they both have had a long and lustrous career.  Rest in peace, Treat Williams.  Your co-hosts give their thoughts.

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