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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 580 – THE ARTIFICE GIRL (2023)

Earlier in 2023, the film MEGAN (2023) arrived to theaters.  The movie was about an artificial intelligence (AI) robot/toy that began to make its own decisions that turned it into a murderous monster.  The science fiction subgenre including AI is suddenly “fresh” with the subject lately in the news.  The latest movie to be released about the subject is THE ARTIFICE GIRL (2023) that’s getting some notice.

Law enforcement Deena (Sinda Nichols) and Amos (David Girard) think they have found an anonymous social media vigilante.  They bring in Gareth (Franklin Ritch) to question him about his work and some online activity he’s been a part of.  When a little girl named Cherry (Tatum Matthews) seems to be a pawn in a pedophile sting, Deena is determined to find the girl and bring justice.

Besides starring as Gareth, THE ARTIFICE GIRL is directed and written by Franklin Ritch.  Also appearing is Lance Henriksen in maybe his largest and important role since the 1990’s.  The film appears to be a science fiction thriller but changes topics as the movie goes along.  Your co-hosts take a look at this little film and give their thoughts.

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