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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 579 – BLOOD (2023)

Vampire films are probably as common to find at the bottom of the well on any streaming service as zombie films.  What’s original with them?  Not much, right?  But sometimes a new idea is added to the lore and makes them stand out just a bit more than others.  The new Hulu film, BLOOD (2023), is one of those movies that does things just a little differently to make it feel somewhat original.

Jess (Michelle Monaghan) is a divorce mom with two young children.  A nurse that’s a recovering addict, Jess has had to struggle trying to keep custody of her daughter and son.  When they move back home to the farm Jess inherited from her aunt, her two children head out to the fields and discover a dried up old pond with a mysterious tree sitting in its center. 

Brad Anderson, director of such films as SESSION 9 (2001) and THE MACHINEST (2004), directs from a script by Will Honley.  Receiving a limited release before its streaming run began, the movie has received mix to average reviews from both critics and viewers alike.  Your cohosts take a look at this new movie and give their thoughts.

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