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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 576 – EVIL DEAD RISE (2023)

Back in 2013, the EVIL DEAD franchise was rebooted with the film EVIL DEAD (2013).  The movie was very polarizing with fans and critics loving it or hating it.  Now in 2023, the next film in the series was released, EVIL DEAD RISE (2023).  This one seems to be getting acclaim consistently without the black-and-white feelings of the prior.

Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and her husband have separated.  Alone with her three children, her sister Beth (Lily Sullivan) has returned home from a music tour as a guitar technician.  Pregnant and without money, Ellie accepts her with love and wishes her to stay.  When an earthquake hits the Los Angeles area, a hole in the parking garage opens allowing her children to find a copy of the Book of the Dead in an old bank vault.  Things get worse from there.

Produced once again by Rob Tapert and executive produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell,, this latest edition of the series has a new director and screenwriter, Lee Cronin, who did the exceptional horror film THE HOLE IN THE GROUND back in 2019.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this latest movie to star the deadites and gives their thoughts.

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