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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 575 – THE OFFERING (2023)

Demon and religious horror has always been a solid subgenre in horror.  Such films as INSIDIOUS (2010), THE EVIL DEAD (1981), THE EXORCIST (1973), and THE OMEN (1976) are just a number of some of the best in the subgenre, and all very different.  The new horror film, THE OFFERING (2023), was just released on VOD to fairly strong reviews.  Does it live up to other movies in the subgenre?

When Arthur (Nick Blood) and his wife Claire (Emily Wiseman) visit his Hasidic Jewish father at his funeral home business in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.   After leaving suddenly some years ago and marrying a gentile woman, Arthur and his father have had a falling out.  But his rekindling of the relationship may have a hidden agenda as he hopes to get money from his father to help pay the bills.  But while visiting, the body of a deceased man arrives at the funeral home with a very dark secret.

The movie was directed by British director Oliver Park based off a screenplay and story by Hank Hoffman and Jonathan Yunger.  The cast includes Allan Corduner and Paul Kaye (GAME OF THRONES) and recently became available on the streaming service Hulu.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this new film and gives their thoughts on the story.

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