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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 571 – PEARL (2022)

In early 2022, the Ti West film, X, was released to rave reviews.  With its grindhouse experience, and throwback feel, the move brought horror and midnight movie fans back to the old 42nd Street theaters that used to pocket New York City and Times Square.  To the surprise of many, a follow up film, that was filmed at the same time as X was announced entitled PEARL (2022).

Pearl, the antagonist of X (2022), played by Mia Goth, has her origin story now.  The film is about Pearl’s life on her immigrant German family’s farm.  We see that Pearl is wishing to escape and be in movies.  But unfortunately her life as a teenager is violent and unstable as we see her do things that normal teenagers would never do.

PEARL stars Mia Goth in what some say is a career defining performance.  Also starring are Emma Jenkins-Purro, Tandi Wright, Matthews Sunderland, among others.  Filmed for the relatively low price of $1M USD, the movie went on to make ten times the box office.  Rated as highly as its predecessor by critics, your co-hosts now take a look at this little film and give their thoughts.

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