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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 565 – SICK (2023) – The Review

COVID-19 hit the world pretty hard in many ways.  With the large initial deaths that occurred, and then the lockdowns, paranoia, and even the politicisation of the disease, the entire world lived in fear that left many folks never recovering.  The new Peacock film, SICK (2023), popped up in early January that takes place right in the middle of the pandemic.

College students Parker (Gideon Adlon) and her friend Miri (Beth Million) head out to Parker’s family remote summer home to quarantine together while they take a needed break for studies.  While sunbathing on the lake dock, Parker gets anonymous texts that begin to creep her out.  As the evening begins to settle on the quaint property, a strange car pulls into the driveway and the two young woman feel something is not right.

The movie is the latest film co-written by Kevin Williamson known for such things as SCREAM (1996), DAWSON’S CREEK, and THE FOLLOWING.  The movie was directed by John Hyams known for BLACK SUMMER, ALONE (2020), and Z NATION.  Your co-hosts are joined by actor Dan Lench (CIRCLE (2015)) to discuss this well received movie, their experiences with COVID, and how the film fits into the pandemic itself.

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