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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 561 – Simon Rumley’s THE WOBBLE CLUB (2023) Novel

English director Simon Rumley is known for his fabulous dark thriller films which include RED WHITE & BLUE (2010), THE LIVING AND THE DEAD (2006), FASHIONISTA (2016), JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT’S LAST WORD (2016), among others.  He has won awards at many festivals and has had his films includes as part of Fangoria’s top horror films of all time.  Now he has his first novel coming out later in 2023 entitled THE WOBBLE CLUB.

Synopsis:  Gill and Brolly are two South Londoners that are both obese.  Their weight has actually become their intentional focus of life.  When a life changing moment happens for Brolly, he suggest they go on a diet and change their lifestyle.  Unfortunately Gill has no interest in joining him.   So behind her back he goes on a diet.  But when one’s identity is their weight, and mental illness and personal demons weigh upon their mind, love unexpectedly takes a possible tragic and horrid turn.

Dark Discussions has focused a number of their podcasts on Rumley’s many films and discussed the very interesting topics that his movies seem to allude to.  With the upcoming release of his book and the ending of a Indiegogo campaign, your co-hosts read a review copy of the book and bring Simon on to discuss his new project.

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