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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 544 – David Warner Tribute: TIME AFTER TIME (1979)

David Warner was one of the most prolific actors in movies these last sixty years.  For horror and thrillers, many know him for the role of Keith Jennings in the classic horror film, THE OMEN (1976).  He was a lead actor at times but was able to carve out a career as a character actor, and in many cases very unlike the good guy he played in THE OMEN.  His performance in the cult classic film TIME AFTER TIME (1979) cannot be forgotten.

In the year 1893 London, the author of the novel THE TIME MACHINE, H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell), has actually created a time machine.  While showing it to his friends including Dr. John Leslie Stevenson (David Warner), the police arrive saying that the doctor is actually the notorious Jack the Ripper. Fleeing into the future, H.G. Wells must follow Stevenson and stop his murderous ways.

The movie stars Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, and Mary Steenburgen.  The film became a cult classic as it played often back in the early days of HBO.  David Warner, on July 24th, 2022 passed away at the age of eighty years old.  Dark Discussions pays tribute to the marvelous actor and discuss TIME AFTER TIME.

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