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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 532 – THE CURSED (2022)

Period piece horror films can be tough.  Especially when the film isn’t by a large production company.  The film, THE CURSED (2022), originally premiered at Sundance in 2021.  With a very positive response, the filmmakers updated the score, returned many of the practical effects, changed the films title, and smoothed out the CGI.  A year from its film festival premiere, the movie received a theatrical (if limited release) with some success.

In 1882, a group of Romany gypsies return to their property in a small village of France to settle.  The local village elders lead by Seamus Laurent aren’t happy.  With the gypsies having proof of ownership of the land, mercenaries are sent to frighten them away.  Unfortunately things go wrong, many die, and a gypsy woman sets a curse upon the village until justice has been received.

THE CURSED seems to have been missed by many.  Now, however, it has been released to VOD for rental and purchase.  The movie was written and directed by Sean Ellis (THE BROKEN (2008)) and stars Boyd Holbrook (THE PREDATOR (2018)).  The movie was filmed entirely on location in France.  Dark Discussions Podcast takes a look at this new movie and gives their thoughts.

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