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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 527 – BLOOD RED SKY (2021)

Vampire films have changed throughout the years.  From the dapper debutante to the gothic monster to the dreamy love interest to the feral beast, the “monster” has had many turns in books and movies.  In the 2021 German film, BLOOD RED SKY, the movie turns vampires into feral beasts but with a twist that the condition is a disease.

When Nadja (Peri Baumeister) and her son Elias (Carl Anton Koch) head out on an overnight flight from Germany to New York to see a specialist that can cure Nadja of a mysterious condition, the jet plane they are traveling on is hijacked by a group of ruthless men who have a secret agenda that none of the travelers know about.  When something goes wrong, and one of the hijackers acts unhinged, Nadja must do something she hoped to never do to save her son from danger.

The film was debuted in July of 2021 on Netflix.  Starring a cast of mostly foreign actors, the movie played well on the network and found a strong following.  Joined by the actor Dan Lench, who suggested the film for review, the Dark Discussions podcast gives their thoughts on the movie.

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