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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 525 – A PERFECT ENEMY (2021)

Small foreign films seem to appear out of nowhere at times.  Some do get a little buzz.  And when the filmmakers decide to use English as the language of the choice, these movies even get more notice.  The small film, A PERFECT ENEMY, jointly produced by France, Spain, and Germany, while having an international cast which includes Polish and South African performers, has English as the spoken language of the picture, getting it to a wider audience.

Polish architect Jeremy (Tomasz Kot) lost his wife years ago when she suddenly disappeared.  Weighing heavily upon him ever since, he’s focused his life upon his work.  While waiting for his flight at the airport, a mysterious girl named Texel (Athena Strates) begins to show interest in him.  When her topics begin to sound somewhat unhinged, Jeremy begins to wonder if Texel is more than she says she is.

The film is directed by Kike Maillo and written by Cristina Clemente, Kike Maillo, and Fernando Navarro.  Found wherever VOD movies are found, the film is readily available to view including free on some paid services.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this interesting film and gives their thoughts.

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