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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 524 – TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2022)

The 1974 horror film, THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, is arguably one of the most iconic psychological thrillers of all time.  It is considered a classic film in this day and age.  The movie had a supporting character breakout in the iconic villain Leatherface.  Since its original release there has been numerous sequels and even remakes.  Now in 2022, the latest in the series, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2022), was dropped on Netflix.

Lila and her sister Melody follow their friends, Dante and Ruth, travel to an old deserted town that has been bought up by Dante.  His plans are to make it a commune and home to similar progressive thinking people.  When Dante discovers a handful of people that still live in the town, he tries to evict them which leads to a chain reaction that sets off a murder spree reminiscent to the one from the original film in the franchise.

The movie is directed by David Blue Garcia from a script by Chris Thomas Devlin.  Fede Alvarez, the director of EVIL DEAD (2013), produces.  The film brings back the iconic  characters of both Leatherface and Sally Hardesty from the original 1974 movie.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this new movie and gives their thoughts.

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