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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 507 – SHELTER IN PLACE (2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously caused a lot of issues with the world.  In the new film SHELTER IN PLACE (2021), it becomes the focal point of why our characters happen to be where they are.  The stress of the unknown, the isolation, and even the fear of possibly dying from something that is unseen is definitely one scary thing.

When newly married couple Sara (Tatjana Marjanovic) and John (Brendan Hines) head off to their honeymoon in Los Angeles, a COVID outbreak forces them to shelter in place at their hotel.  With only a maid and the desk manager working, Sara and John begin to become stir crazy.  The days carry on slowly and there is only so much the couple can do for fun. While their patience with each other grows, the couple discovers that there may be a disturbing aspect with their residence that they hadn’t seen when they checked in.

The film is co-directed and co-written by Chris Beyrooty and Connor Martin.  Besides our two leads, the film also stars Ola Kaminska and Kevin Daniels as the hotel help in very pivotal roles.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this indy horror film and gives their thoughts.

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