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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 486 – WRONG TURN (2021)

In 2003, screenwriter Alan B. McElroy created a film series called Wrong Turn about a group of young people having to hike through the West Virginia woods after their cars break down.  Unfortunately for them, a trio of inbred mutants hunts them down as food.  With the original film’s success, five more were made as the villainous mutants returned for more death and torture.  Now in 2021, a reboot written by the original screenwriter has been released.

College students Jen, Darius, and their four friends head out for an outdoor adventure on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.  When they decide to go view an old Civil War fort off the beaten track, disaster happens.  Soon they find themselves confronted by a mysterious cult in the backwoods that they may have wronged.  Lost and without gear, all their lives are turn out to be in jeopardy.

Alan B. McElroy returns to the film series that he made iconic.  Rebooted and with a new type of villain, his screenplay was directed by newcomer Mike P. Nelson.  The film received mixed reviews but did get some early year buzz from horror fans.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this new addition to a horror franchise and gives their thoughts.

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