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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 482 – THE DARK AND THE WICKED (2020)

Brian Bertino, director and screenwriter, hit it big right out of the gate with his instant classic, 2008’s THE STRANGERS.  Since then he has done a few other films, all getting fairly good reviews from critics if not favorites of viewers.  But in 2020, his latest film, THE DARK AND THE WICKED, immediately gained recognition as another instant classic by many, both fans and critics alike.

When a Texas family’s patriarch becomes comatose, and it appears he is going to pass, estranged adult children, Louise and Michael, decide to return to give their regards.  Their mother asks them not to come, but they arrive none-the-less.  When they discover that their mother’s concerns are not related to their estrangement but to something much more dark, all their lives turn upside down as an evil begins to effect each of them.

Considered part of the new subgenre of elevated horror that was coined by snotty critics, the movie has received phenomenal reviews.  With its mostly unknown cast, the movie uses the real life sheep farm of Brian Bertino’s family as a brilliant backdrop for its story.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this interesting film and gives their thought.

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