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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 481 – DIG TWO GRAVES (2017)

Originally a short film by Wisconsin filmmaker Hunter Adams entitled JAKE’S CHOICE, the 2014 film DIG TWO GRAVES was an interesting take on a number of subgenres of the thriller and horror genres.  Was it a ghost story?  Was it a voodoo tale?  Was it a cultist film?  Or was it really just a thriller?  Either way, the movie was did the festival circuit until it finally arrived at theaters in limited release in early March 2017.

When a little girl named Jake sees her brother drown at a quarry, she blames herself for his death.  As she walks home one day, a group of gypsy men make a deal with her saying they could bring her brother back if she has another lose their life in his place.  Knowing the son of her father’s enemy has a crush on her, she begins to weigh if killing another would give her peace if her brother indeed returned to her.

As an artwork almost all critics felt the movie was a very impressive gothic thriller.  Generally the story was also enjoyed by most.  With its low profile, DIG TWO GRAVES was overlooked by many on its initial release, but with a reappearance on Shudder TV, it has gained a new audience.  A patreon pick for Dark Discussions, your co-hosts take a look at this very interesting film and give their thoughts.

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