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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 477 – DEATHGASM (2015)

New Zealand is oddly not thought of as a hotbed for genre cinema, and yet some of the biggest directors and stars come from there as well as set locations and special effects.  But even the smaller film get noticed.  And one of them was 2015’s DEATHGASM, a film about the “nerd” and outcast who gravitates to heavy metal music.  But what if the cult-like symbolism of the bands, music, and albums actually lead to the summoning of demons and succubuses. 

When high schooler, Brodie, moves in with his fundamentalist Christian uncle’s family, he begins a friendship with Zakk, a record store clerk.  The two along with friends Dion and Giles form a heavy metal band called Deathgasm. They have a strange encounter with a former music star who gives them a special record album.  Their band covers the album song The Black Hymn.  Unfortunately the song is actually a hidden spell that unleashes a group of demons and cultist into the world.  With Brodie’s beautiful girlfriend Medina, the band tries to stop the apocalypse from destroying the world.

With its coming of age story, and its over the top monsters, nudity, and gore, DEATHGASM became an immediate cult classic on its release.  The movie was brought to North America and Europe and gained even more fans.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this film, chosen by one of the podcast’s Patreon supporters, and gives their thought on this horror comedy.

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