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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 473 – THE MORTUARY COLLECTION (2020)

The horror anthology film has been a mixed bag throughout the years.  Many times with all the different artists and different tonal shifts, they usually land up being okay here, awesome there, and terrible over there.  And as a result many folks either avoid them like the plague or already know going in that they like some of the film but dislike other parts of the film.  Appearing on Shudder in 2020, was the film THE MORTUARY COLLECTION that got some buzz as many critics and horror fans alike took a look at it.

In the small college town of Raven’s End, the local mortuary and funeral parlor is run by the aptly named Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown).  When a young woman visits, her interest in a coffin of a toddler attracts Montgomery’s attention.  Soon Montgomery takes an interest her very odd and inquisitive ways and begins to discuss various instances of the showings and burials of the dead.

Originally written as a short entitled The Babysitter Murders, writer and director Ryan Spindell expanded the fourth story of the anthology to include three more, and a wrap around tale.  The movie stars Clancy Brown in the pivotal role of the establishment’s owner.  Dark Discussions on the recommendation of co-host Abe takes a look at this well received anthology film and give their thoughts.

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