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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 465 – YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT (2020)

As one of the highest growing screenwriters of all time, David Koepp has been fairly high profile in Hollywood.  Though his career has been mixed, with some of his screenplays landing behind poorly directed films, others have been absolutely fantastic.  He also has been a director, making a handful of genre films.  His latest directing/writing credit is YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT that has brought him back with Kevin Bacon after the two worked in the successful movie STIR OF ECHOES (1999).

Wealthy retired banker Theo Conroy (Kevin Bacon), his beautiful actress wife Susanna (Amanda Seyfried), and his daughter Ella (Avery Essex) rent a vacation home in Wales, UK.   Though peaceful, strange things happen including light switches not working and doors not unlocking.  After doing some quick amateur sleuthing, Theo notices that that the home’s architecture is a bit “off.”

Another movie forced straight to streaming due to COVID-19, the movie became quite successful as a VOD release.  Oddly critical response to the movie was mixed while its puzzle-like plot caused some audience members some bewilderment.  Is the film a future cult classic as STIR OF ECHOES has become?  Your co-hosts take a look at this film and its solid cast and give their thoughts.  Co-host Kristi thinks it may be one of the best horror films of the year.

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