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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 458 – ALONE (2020)

The little film that could.  Small, quiet, and unfamiliar films pop up every so often.  Some aren’t necessarily original yet they are done so well.  And these movies sometimes spread by word of mouth.  One film, ALONE (2020) directed by John Hyams, has slowly grown in popularity.  One VOD service, iTunes, actually had it lost among their “Independent” section of films.  Now three weeks later, ALONE is in their top 40 horror movies of the month.

Jessica (Jules Willcox) is a young widow who has been living with depression for far too long.  Out of the blue, she has decided she’s had enough.  She packs up all her belongings and heads out to the Northwest to start anew.  While traveling the forested and remote roads, she almost gets in an accident with an SUV.  After the perpetrator (Marc Menchaca) shows signs of road rage, Jessica finds out that traveling alone may not have been a good thing at all.

The movie has had a run outside of VOD too with forty-four screens at drive-ins throughout the states.  Directed by John Hyams, off a screenplay by Mattias Olsson, the movie stars Jules Willcox in possibly her first major role along with Marc Menchaca as the stranger.  John Hyams, who’s the showrunner of the successful series BLACK SUMMER (2019), joins your co-hosts to answer some further questions they have after doing their review of the movie.  The director may even discuss a bit about season 2 of Black Summer. 

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