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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 457 – M.O.M. MOTHERS OF MONSTERS (2020)

What do you do when you live with an unstable person?  And what if he is your child?  You are responsible for him so it’s not like you can remove the person from your life.  The latest horror/thriller M.O.M.:  Mothers of Monsters (2020) is a found footage movie that takes a look at this experience.  It also looks deeply into not just the child but also the parent and even grandparent.

Abbey Bell (Melinda Page Hamilton) is a divorced mother living with her teenage son Jacob (Bailey Edwards).  Unfortunately Jacob seems to be more than just a thorn in Abbey’s life.  He destroys her property and has violent fits.  But her struggles aren’t known by others since Jacob is a good student and is spoiled by his grandmother.  As their relationship continues to spiral out of control, we find that the Bell family may have more secrets than a child delinquency issue.

In her first full length feature, director/screenwriter Tucia Lyman brings to life a common theme in many families:  communication issues that may go beyond personality disorders.  After an in-depth discussion, the director joins your co-hosts and answers further questions about the movie and its relevance today.

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