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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 476 – THE GIANT (2020)

Australian actress Odessa Young, the actress that starred in the recently concluded The Stand miniseries on CBS ALL ACCESS, stars in the Southern gothic tale, THE GIANT (2020).  The film popped up on iTunes late in the year where it received a quick yet short amount of buzz.  Some of the buzz was because of its trailer.  The trailer had a moody and brooding atmosphere. 

After the suicide of her mother a year ago, Charlotte (Odessa Young) tries to celebrate her high school graduation with her friends.  When the bodies of two young woman from a neighboring town are found, a once dormant serial killer seems to have become active again.  Oddly, the murders began when her old boyfriend once again returns to town and the two begin to rekindle their once strong romance.

Whether the film is art house, horror, coming of age, a Southern gothic or all of the above, the movie has received mixed reviews from critics, receiving exactly 50%.  Audiences seem to be less enthusiastic with reviews as low as 0% (believe it or not).  Dark Discussions takes a look at David Raboy’s directorial debut and give their thoughts.

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