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Creature Comforts Podcast – Episode 027 – THE NEST (1988)

Welcome to No More Room in Hell presents: Creature Comforts!

On episode #27 of Creature Comforts, we take a look at the 1987 roach creature feature, The Nest. Join Don Anelli (The Horror Countdown Podcasts), Derek B (No More Room in Hell) and Mr. Venom (Fresh Cuts, The Crystal Lake Gift Shop) as they breakdown this indie roaches-run-amok movie. Is The Nest a cult classic in our eyes or a movie that just came up short? Find out our thoughts on CC #24.

Music Credits: (Intro) Bobby Jimmy & The Critters – ‘Roaches’ (Parr Records)

(Outro) Snoop Dogg (feat, ProHoeZack) – ‘Roaches in my Ashtray’ (Doggy Style Records)

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