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Cinema A La Carte Podcast – Episode 013 – THE GAME (1997)

After his controversial chapter in the ALIEN film franchise, ALIEN 3 (1992), David Fincher went on a spree of some seriously remarkable films.  With a few minor films, he had a run of classics such as SEVEN (1995), THE GAME (1997), FIGHT CLUB (1999), ZODIAC (2007), THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010) and GONE GIRL (2014).  His THE GAME, though a minor success at the box office, was a powerful example of the type of thrillers he would become known for.

Nicholas Van Orton is a very successful investment banker that lives in the San Francisco area.  To many he appears to be a selfish and fairly aloof man, but he has carried personal demons from his childhood that haunt his adult life.  At his birthday, his estranged brother gives him a gift to a LARP from a mysterious company called Consumer Recreation Services.  Soon, his life seems to become exciting but for all the wrong reasons.

THE GAME stars one of the top leading men of its era, Michael Douglas, at the top of his game (no pun intended).  The cast includes Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger, along with James Rebhorn and Carroll Baker.  With a budget of $70M USD, the film went on to gross $109.4M USD.  Just like FIGHT CLUB, THE GAME originally received fixed reviews before being re-evaluated and becoming a classic.  Your co-hosts take a look at this spectacular thriller and give their thoughts.

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