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Cinema A La Carte Podcast – Episode 010 – THE EDGE (1997)

Survival films aren’t necessarily the most popular genre but many of them are highly remembered.  Whether it was such cinema as THE GRAY (2011), THE REVENANT (2015), or CAST AWAY (2000), many are considered classic cinema and highly regarded.  In 1997, the movie THE EDGE, written by David Mamet and directed by Lee Tamahori, oddly slipped through the cracks when first released.

Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) goes with his supermodel wife Mickey (Elle Macpherson) for a photoshoot in the remote areas of Alaska.  When photographer Bob Green (Alec Baldwin) wants better photos, they head off on a small plane to a local guide.  Unfortunately their plane crashes leaving Charles, Bob, and Bob’s assistant Stephen (Harold Perrineau) stranded.  Soon, a Kodiak bear is on their trail and the three must fight for survival.

Besides Anthonly Hopkins and Alec Baldwin in the leading roles, the film’s cast includes Elle Macpherson, L.Q. Jones, Harold Perrineau and Bart the Bear.  The film, chosen by co-host Eric, was almost a topic for the Dark Discussions Podcast before being chosen for discussion here on the Cinema A La Carte podcast.  Take a listen and hear what your co-hosts feel about a highly underappreciated movie.

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