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Beyond the Screams Podcast – Double Honeymoon (Love and Obsession)

“We continue exploring love and obsession with two indie movies: 2019’s The Honeymoon Phase and 2017’s Double Date.

The Honeymoon Phase follows a fake married couple, Eve and Tom, as they participate in a science experiment studying married couples.  Each couple is locked in a house given provision via air canister and are monitored by a projected Handler.  Things begin to fall apart as Eve suspects Tom is not the real Tom and paranoia sets in.

Double Date follows an about-to-be 30 year old virgin, Jim, and his best mate, Alex, who is determined to help his bud finally get laid.  Jim has a crippling fear of women and Alex helps Jim arrange a double date with 2 sisters.  Unfortunately, the date happens on the one night Jim should be afraid of women as the sisters have been murdering their previous dates in order to perform a ritual to bring back daddy.”

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