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A Travel Guide To Lovecraft Country – The Podcast – Episode s01e06 – Meet Me in Daegu

A Travel Guide To Lovecraft Country – The Podcast: A weekly podcast obout the HBO television series, Lovecraft Country.

Episode 06 – Meet Me in Daegu

Summary (Spoilers) – In 1949 South Korea, Ji-Ah studies to be a nurse and lives with her mother who demands she pick up men to have sex with. Ji-Ah brings home a man and kills him with her tentacle-like “Nine Tails” that project out of her body. It is revealed that Ji-Ah is possessed by a Kumiho, the “Nine-tailed Fox” spirit and she must kill 100 men to be human again. Her stepfather was molesting her, and her mother had a shaman send the kumiho to possess her daughter to kill him. In 1950, the Korean War begins and Ji-Ah works as a nurse. To smoke out a Communist spy, the Americans arrest the nurses and Atticus executes one of the nurses. Ji-Ah’s friend Soon-Hee Meeh reveals herself to be the spy. Ji-Ah decides to seduce Atticus with the intention of killing him, but falls in love with him instead. Ji-Ah believes she can control her “Tails”, but while having sex with Atticus, her “tails” emerge and attack him. She has a vision of his future and tells him he will die if he returns to America. Atticus ends the relationship. Ji-An and her mother consult the shaman who tells them that many more will die.

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