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Vinegar Syndrome Announces Halfway to Black Friday Sale

For Immediate Release:

Black Friday might still feel like yesterday, but Halfway to BF 2021 is quickly approaching!

We are currently preparing what will be our biggest and best Halfway to Black Friday Sale ever, with ten different (!) movies spread over five VS releases, and that doesn’t even include the new VSA and VSU titles. It’s going to be crazy!

For those ready to secure their copies sooner rather than later, we’ll be hosting a Flash Pre-order March 26-28th at, during which our second VSU release will be unveiled, along with most of the May VS lineup (not the secret titles, of course!), which includes the worldwide disc debut of an early 80s midnight movie masterpiece, our initial foray into a whole new area of genre cinema, and the first installment in a director focused, multi-volume collection!

Speaking of VSU, our first such release, THE BEASTMASTER, is dipping close to the under-1000-left-in-stock marker (from its 10,000 unit pressing)…so you might want to add this amazing release to your shopping list, if you haven’t already…

Tanya Roberts in Beastmaster

Back to regular business, our diverse March lineup is currently up for pre-order! They are: Robert Warmflash’s action filled, 1977 grindhouse classic, DEATH PROMISE, Bob Bralver’s ultra stylish and nudity jammed mystery slasher, RUSH WEEK, Scott McGinnis’ gory and trashy 90s slasher LAST GASP, and a double feature of extraordinarily debauched hardcore by French auteur Alain Payet, featuring FURIES SEXUELLES and PROSTITUTION CLANDESTINE, in our latest from Peekarama.

February releases are all in stock and shipping. They are: Forgotten Gialli Vol. 3, featuring new 4K restorations of AUTOPSYMURDER MANSION, and CRAZY DESIRES OF THE MURDERER, Umberto Lenzi’s nasty thriller, HITCHER IN THE DARK, and Vincent Robert’s cult favorite supernatural slasher, THE FEAR.

Don’t forget to also add the new releases from our Partner Labels to your stash: The acclaimed coming of age drama, JEREMY, from Fun City Editions, and the new sci-fi thriller, MINOR PREMISE, from Utopia are now in stock and shipping.

Jim Bryan’s SOV madness, JUNGLE TRAP and RUN COYOTE RUN, from AGFA, and the concert doc, GREEN JELLO SUXX LIVE, from ETR Media, are both up for pre-order!

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