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Jonathan Maberry and David Kramer’s THEY BITE Returns To Publication

They Bite: Endless Cravings of Supernatural Predators
Back From the Dead for Another Taste of Humanity

Every culture and country has its share of demons – and since earliest times we’ve tried to capture these supernatural predators through the power of storytelling. But they refuse to be tamed …

In 2009, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry and David F. Kramer explored these creatures of myth, legend and lore in They Bite, published by Citadel Press. This book was the follow-up to their first collaboration, The Cryptopedia (2007 Citadel), which received the Bram Stoker Award for non-fiction. 

They Bite explores those creatures that haunt the fringes of our collective imaginations from the oral tradition of whispered campfire tales to books, comics and films that make us shiver with delight to this day. 

More than 12 years after its first publication, They Bite is back with a new cover and toothsome commentaries by modern masters of the macabre such as John Carpenter, Peter Straub, Holly Black, Kevin J. Anderson, Ray Garton, Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Golden, Kelley Armstrong, Simon Clark, Herschell Gordon Lewis and many others.

“I was exposed to the myths, rural tales, and folklore of supernatural monsters when I was a kid. My grandmother was pretty much an old lady version of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter,” said Maberry. “She believed in everything, but at the same time wanted to know the history, science, and social context for monster beliefs. The long conversations we had long ago sparked a lifelong fascination with things that go bump in the night.”

“With all that’s gone on in the last year or so, and with what we’ve all experienced, there’s no better reason to get back outside and explore some of our favorite dark places in search of things wet and rubbery,” said Kramer. “You know, turn over a few rocks and see what’s crawling around.”

Just in time for the upcoming Halloween season. Sink your teeth into a copy of They Bite Available 8/31. Contact your favorite bookseller for pre-orders.

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