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1BR (2020) Arrives at Netflix

First time director David Marmor’s new film, 1BR (2020), has been released to Netflix; featuring up-and-coming starlet Nicole Brydon Bloom. 

Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom), an amateur costume designer, moves to Los Angeles to find work in the movie business.  Looking for a place to live, she discovers an exclusive apartment complex.  After filling out an application, she surprisingly prevails in obtaining the 1BR.  With friendly residents, a cute neighbor, and an attractive common area with a pool, her new home feels ideal.  But is it all too ideal? 

Nicole Brydon Bloom

A surprising cult hit on VOD, 1BR’s twists and turns left both viewers and reviewers satisfied.  This surprising little movie has already been listed on midyear lists as one of the top horror films of the year.  Its overlap into both mystery and thriller genres has made it a crossover to a larger fan base than the typical horror movie.

After watching, listen to the Dark Discussions Podcast where your co-hosts review and critique the film before being joined by producer Alok Mishra, director David Marmor, and actress Nicole Brydon Bloom.

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