Episode 188 – Michael Crichton Focus: Jurassic Park Franchise

Episode 188 – Michael Crichton Focus: Jurassic Park Franchise

Michael Crichton, one of the top science fiction and techno-thriller authors of all time, known for creating the highly successful television series ER, was at the top of his game back in 1990, when he wrote Jurassic Park, one of the most popular novels at the end of the last century. With biogenetics and DNA testing growing at exponential rates, this cautionary tale, some say, not only began the discussion of whether it was right for man to play “God” but also brought it to the “dinner table” so to speak.

The novel is about the company InGen owned by billionaire John Hammond. After finding the DNA of dinosaurs in blood left behind by ancient mosquitoes that were preserved in tree sap, his company is able to clone dinosaurs. Soon he imagines a giant theme park where folks could come to visit. Bringing in some leading scientists and mathematicians to view the soon-to-be opened park, something goes wrong that could jeopardized the concept never mind all their lives.

The book became a blockbuster film and soon a sequel to the book was written along with two follow up films. Dark Discussions talks about this part of Michael Crichton’s career, his relationship with director Stephen Spielberg, and the legacy of the franchise today. With the new film, Jurassic World, now out, what better time to discuss the original franchise. Special guest, author Kristi Petersen Schoonover, joins your co-hosts to talk about the two films.

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Episode 188 - Michael Crichton Focus: Jurassic Park Franchise

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