Episode 186 – Kevin Bacon Focus: 1990’s Tremors

Episode 186 – Kevin Bacon Focus: 1990’s Tremors

By the end of the 1980’s, slasher films had become a parody of themselves. Overplayed, many of them even became comedies, but slowly horror began to change and the monster movie had a brief revival with films like Pumpkinhead, Alien 3, The Lair of the White Worm, and the surprising hit, Tremors. Having landed Kevin Bacon as a lead, the film with its eclectic cast of stars including Fred Ward, Michael Gross, and Reba McEntire, made for a budget of $11M USD earned over four times that.

Perfection, a small dying town in Nevada with no more than 20 residents, resides hours away from the closest community. When two handymen find some of the locals dead, it’s believed that a murderer is on the loose. Yet oddly peculiar seismic activity has occurred in the area. Joined by a seismologist participating in a university study, the three do a bit of detective work which leads to the discovery that there is a larger threat out in the desert.

Tremors with its character humor, 1950’s science fiction throwback horror, and its investigative procedural genus, the movie became a cult classic spawning multiple low budget sequels. Celebrating its 25th anniversary from release, Dark Discussions gives their take on a film that reinvigorated horror and monster films at a time when the genre was at a low point.

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Episode 186 - Kevin Bacon Focus: 1990's Tremors

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