Episode 183 – Spring (2015)

Episode 183 – Spring (2015)

There is a lot of screenwriter and director duos in genre cinema. Some that come to mind are Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard or Jim Mickle and Nick Damici. But another duo actually do it a bit differently. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead direct films together, while Benson writes and Moorhead does cinematography. In 2012, after the movie played the festival circuit, their debut film Resolution received fairly good reviews and became somewhat of a cult film. Now they are back with their new film, Spring, which again received fairly good reviews from critics.

Back in the states, Evan’s life has spiraled out of control. His mom passes away from a horrible disease and in the aftermath he gets in a bar fight that leaves him pursued by both gangbangers and the police. On a whim he randomly heads to Italy and meets a beautiful and mysterious girl named Louise. After a number of peculiar meetings, the two begin to spend a lot of time together where Evan begins to fall in love. And soon Evan begins to find out things about Louise that just may not be right.

Dark Discussions (which interviewed the film makers when they released Resolution) give their thoughts on Spring, try to determine which subgenre the film falls under, and figure to resolve where Benson and Moorhead are headed as film makers.

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Episode 183 - Spring (2015)

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