Episode 181 – Starry Eyes (2014)

Episode 181 – Starry Eyes (2014)

A Star is Born, that famous tale where one partner is more famous than the other and then suddenly is left behind when the other partner becomes even more famous. And Hollywood, some say it is ruthless and cruel where only a handful of people make it to the top. Dozens of beautiful and charismatic young people head there and find out that they are just one of many. So what can they do to make it as an actor or actress? And that old myth of where some group of people, the Illuminati or some secret society controls everything. Well, the film Starry Eyes seems to possibly have all these elements in it.

When a young, pretty waitress goes out to auditions for commercials, television shows, and films, yet doesn’t stand out from the dozens of other girls, she has a breakdown while in the bathroom. Hearing her depression spill out, a casting director asks her to come back for a second audition. What seems to be a fantastic opportunity where promises of stardom and fame spill out of producers mouths, she suddenly finds out that the casting couch may only be the first step down a road of no redemption.

Dark Discussions listed the film as the fourth best horror film of 2014 and it seems to have appeared on many others’ lists. Your co-hosts were lucky enough also to bring aboard actress Maria Olsen, who plays the outstanding role of the casting director, for her thoughts on the film. As a metaphor for how Hollywood and greed can destroy a person, the film can take on a whole different meaning. Yet as a straight horror film with a dark and mysterious cult, that alone is worth a watch for any genre fan.

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Episode 181 - Starry Eyes (2014)

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