Episode 180 – Zombeavers (2015)

Episode 180 – Zombeavers (2015)

Zombies? No, Zombeavers! Zombeavers? Yes, a new horror movie that when first announced was thought to be a joke. But no, the film, simply entitled Zombeavers, has been released and is now readily available on VOD. The title alone sounds ridiculous. And to most it even sounds a bit inappropriate. But that double entendre is only an after thought when, yes, what is presented is beavers that are actually zombies!

When Mary and Zoe decide to take their friend Jenn to a lake cabin to try to get away from all their troubles, we find out that a chemical spill has transpired turning the local beaver population into zombies. Suddenly the three girls along with a handful of other locals and tourists hole up in their cabin and begin a fight for their life as the zombeavers begin their murderous rampage.

Is the film a horror comedy? It sure is. However it is a smart horror comedy. It throws in the favorite genre troupes of slasher and zombie classics and mashes it all up into a film that doesn’t become a juvenile gambol. Yet did your co-hosts actually enjoy the film or was it simply a forgettable romp? Listen to the podcast and find out what Dark Discussions thinks.

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Episode 180 - Zombeavers (2015)

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