Episode 176 – Predestination (2015)

Episode 176 – Predestination (2015)

All you zombies. Well, that’s the name of a short story by one of the most important writers in the 20th century. The author, Robert Heinlein, was a leader in the science fiction tale. His career spanned decades and encompassed the golden age of sci-fi literature. All You Zombies though was actually a time travel story and the title in some ways was more a metaphor of people and their loss of self. A pair of Australian film makers, the Spierig brothers, best known for the horror sci-fi film Daybreakers, are back with their take on the Heinlein tale, remaining the story in its movie format as Predestination.

The film stars Ethan Hawke and newcomer Sarah Snook in what some have said is a star making performance. When a bartender in a local Manhattan lounge serves drinks to the various regulars, a stranger enters and during their conversation admits he is the author of a self help column in the local paper. When the two make a bet over a bottle of whiskey, we soon discover that the bartender may be a lot more than what he says he is and the stranger’s story may lead to something much bigger than any of them would ever think.

Though a VOD release and having only a minor theater run, the film has been unanimously received as a success by most critics. With its varying twists and larger plot that revolves around an unknown terrorist, the film has brought much talk on the internet of what it really is all about. Dark Discussions tries to tackle the elaborate plot and finally give their opinion of what are some saying is the first great genre film of 2015.

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Episode 176 - Predestination (2015)

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