Episode 175 – Karl Mueller Focus: 2014’s Mr. Jones

Episode 175 – Karl Mueller Focus: 2014’s Mr. Jones

Back in 2012, Xavier Gens, the French filmmaker, well known for his controversial French language film, Frontiers, had released his very first English language film entitled The Divide, an apocalyptic film that in many ways felt a bit like the Frank Darabont film, The Mist. The Divide’s setup was a group of folks land up in the basement of a high rise apartment building after what appears to be a nuclear blast. Soon, mistrust and group dynamics begin to rip the survivors apart where their worst enemy may actually be lurking from within.

That film was a very dark movie that in many ways divided critics depending on their aptitude for the depressing and the malaise. The screenwriter was Karl Mueller who makes his directorial debut in the interesting 2014 film, Mr. Jones, both a found footage and documentary style horror film that in ways has the feel of a Lovecraftian tale. When a young couple head to the woods to make a nature documentary, they discover the home of the reclusive artist, Mr. Jones. Immediately they decide to drop the nature film and begin one on the notorious and mysterious sculptor.

The film has been compared to the 2013 film Resolution which not surprisingly, like Mr. Jones, debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. Also the remoteness of the location and the sculptures presented have made Mr. Jones be evaluated alongside The Blair Witch Project. But all in all the film is its own distinct creature and though the third act becomes quite surreal, the film is a must see for both horror and genre fans alike.

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Episode 175 - Karl Mueller Focus: 2014's Mr. Jones

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